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The Angel Fund's Beneficiaries Pictured Below

The Angel Fund was established by FOCAS to provide veterinary services to animals in need, above and beyond what can  reasonably be expected under shelter operations.  Contributions to this fund are used specifically for this purpose.  In 2008, the Angel Fund saved the lives of  hundreds of homeless animals...  dogs and cats... at a cost of over $91,607 (learn more).  Only with your financial support will we be able to ensure that FOCAS can help the next homeless cat or dog in distress, like "Joey" and "Trooper" below

To donate to the Angel Fund, simply make your check payable to FOCAS and indicate "Angel Fund"
on the memo line or face of the checkMail to FOCAS, PO Box 439, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  07604Or, click on the DONATION button on our website Home Page.   Our keepsake Thank You for caring & sharing!


Meet a Gathering of Our FOCAS Angels - Click Here
"Joey", an adorable little Chihuahua mix puppy was found by animal control officers in the woods.  This little guy had burns (most likely cigarette burns) over 2/3s of his body; he had a fractured femur, a fractured rib and a broken pubic bone (injuries suggesting he was thrown or dragged).  FOCAS was asked to rescue the puppy.  We did.  The FOCAS  Angel Fund provided funding for the surgeries and hospitalization necessary to restore Joey's little body to health.  If you contribute to the Angel made renewed health and a new life for Joey possible. 

This little Pekingese puppy was found on an exit ramp of Rt. 80.  It's believed she was tossed from a car window.  A kind State Trooper scooped her up and rushed her to the Oradell Animal Hospital.  She was admitted as a "Good Samaritan" patient with compound pelvic fractures.  FOCAS was called upon to sponsor medical care through its Angel Fund and to rescue the puppy, named Trooper in honor of the officer and because she's been a "real trooper", for future adoption placement.  Her medical costs are expected to exceed $5,000. 

Molly (6 months old)  was a "castaway" that FOCAS rescued.  She was emaciated, mal-nourished, had a skin condition and a broken leg.  FOCAS sponsored her her surgery and medical care.  It was determined she'd always be "pint size" because she was deprived of proper nourshiment in the first few months of her life.  FOCAS found a "forever" home for little Molly.  She's a happy-go-lucky little girl with a family to love and be loved by becasue of the Angel Fund.
Scotty (under 1 year of age) was picked-up by animal control.  He had multiple shot wounds, a damaged foot and surface injuries.  FOCAS rescued him and sponsored his surgery and medical care.  Scotty was not only a fantastic patient, he was one of the most affectionate cats EVER.  FOCAS found Scotty a terrific foster care-giver for his medical recovery.  He is awaiting adoption into a "forever" home.
"Hutsel", 11,  was turned-in to the shelter with severe ear infections.  His ears were so badly damaged that both ear canals had to be removed.  FOCAS  provided surgery, hospitalization and follow-up treatment.  "Hutsel" remained "huggable" and "lovable" through surgery, ear drains and an E-collar!!!  Of course, the TLC he received from his "foster mom," FOCAS volunteer Vicky, made his recovery so much easier.
Ginger was turned-in to the shelter with a severe leg fracture.  FOCAS provided surgery, hospitalization and follow-up treatment.
"Roscoe," a pup, was found having seizures in his kennel.  FOCAS provided emergency and extended hospitalization, and a series of medical evaluations.  "Roscoe" was diagnosed with Addison's Disease.  He can live a long, happy life with it, but must be on medication to control the seizures for the remainder of his life.  FOCAS is also providing medication and monthly medical check-ups for one year, or until "Roscoe" finds a "forever" home.