FOCAS Dog Behavior Modification Training

You weren't born with good manners and neither was your dog!  You learned how to behave, and so can your pet.  No dog is too old to learn.

Your pet is an important part of your life, yet it's possible that even though you love your dog, some of his/her habits are driving you crazy.  FOCAS is here to help by sponsoring behavior modification seminars and puppy socialization classes for a modest fee.  The results...a happy pet companion and a happy you! Enroll now and learn how to make  your dog your best behaved freind.

FOCAS Dog Obedience Training - On Hiatus

Each session consistes of 7 consecutive weekly classes held on Tuesday evenings.
Classes are 6:30 - 7:30PM.

Basic Obedience/Behavior Modification Training....................................................... $100
Basic Obedience/Behavior Modification Training for dogs adopted from BCAS.......  $85

How to build a relationship with your dog through leadership, rewards and basic obedience commands are the core of the program.  In addition, understanding how to communicate with your dog, reprogramming past faulty learning, nutrition and training equipment are also discussed. Dogs must be at least four months of age to begin training. But no dog is too old to learn. The family member who is with the dog the most, or having the most difficulty handling the dog, should accompany the dog through class instruction.

We look forward to helping you and your pet companion cultivate a very rewarding relationship.

For more information call the FOCAS Help Line at 201-943-4019 and press option #3 to leave a message, send an email to or download the application below to enroll. 

Please make checks are made payable to FOCAS and mailed with the application to: 
FOCAS, PO Box 439 Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  07604


FOCAS Dog Obedience Application
FOCAS Seminar - First Wednesday of Each Month
Resolving Your Dog's Behavior Problems
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